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Product Details

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We offer this machine in various bed sizes starting

Plasma cutting machine is widely used in automobiles, locomotives, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery, steel and other industries.
Model BCP1325
Working area 1300*2500*120mm
Machine frame Heavy heavy duty frame
working platform Serrated platform
Motor and Driver Stepper motor and driver
Control system Start CC-M3 control system
Arc voltage height controller Start AH-1
Guide rail Taiwan CSK square rails
X/Y axis transmission helical rack and pinion
Electric parts France Schneider

optional parts
1) What's the control system the machine with?
Our standard machine use Start control system, also have starfire control system and Richauto A11 for your choice.
2) Can i change the power source?
Yes, about plasma power source have Chinese Huayuan brand 63A 100A 160A 200A; American Hypertherm brand 45A 65A 85A 105A 125A 130A for your choice.
3) Does the machine have heavy body?
Yes, our machine have industry heavy duty body. If you want cheap one, also have advertising light frame for your choice.

steel cutting plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting machine is metal materials processing machinery with plasma cutting technology.Fully automatic digital control, good precision and easy operate and high speed. Can cut all kind of metal like stainless steel, carbon steel,aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel.

Product Advantage

1) New and practical design
2) Can cut very thick metal
3) Smooth cutting section
4) Can cut steel, copper, aluminium etc.
5) High precision

Start control system
The latest industrial-grade embedded core computing speed has been greatly improved, and various tasks are quickly handled. Whether it is to load files, display graphics, or plan speeds, or to switch pages, management files are greatly improved.

Heavy duty body.
Heavy duty industry body,durable, more stable operation and higher accuracy.

Plasma power source
Huayuan plasma power source, it is one of the best brands in China.High standard design, high quality parts, fine manufacturing, ensuring machine cutting quality and reliability.

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