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We offer this machine in various bed sizes starting

#1 set laser : 2000w fiber laser (GERMAN)
#1 set cutting head : Swiss Head Cutting Made
#Full Set Machine Tool : X,Y Axis gear rack Taiwan
#Hoist Guide : Taiwan 6h degree
#X,Y axis servo motor and driver ( Taiwan)
#Reducer ( Flange type) : Japan
#Propotional valve : German
#Contractor : German
#1 set CNC software

#1 set cutting software

#1 set precision water cooler
#1 set stabilizing power supply
#1 set slag disposal device
#1 set dust collection device

#Laser Wavelength : 1070mm
#Output Power : maximum 2000watts
#Acceleration : up to 1.0G
#Power Consumption : up to 18KW
#Maximum Cutting Thickness : up to 12mm@carbon steel  8mm@stainless steel
#Minimum Line Width : ˃0.15mm (depends on material thickness)
#Cutting Dimension : minimum 1500mm x minimum 3000mm
#Cutting Table Mechanical Accuracy : at least ±0.5mm
#X,Y,Z Repeated Positioning Precission : at least ±0.02mm
#Power Supply : Phase 5 wires , AC 220±5%, 60Hz±1%
#Cooling System : Water Cooling system
#Machine size:4.3*2.26*1.35 m
#Machine weight:3500kg

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With BCAM laser machines, you can laser-cut, engrave or mark many materials, including: plastics, wood, rubber, leather, metals, textiles and many others. In the table below, you can see details about the material processing capabilities of our laser engraving and laser cutting machines. The list of materials is structured according to processing type (cutting, engraving, marking).

List of materials

Material cutting engraving marking


Aluminum, anodized
Precious metal
Metal foils up to 0.5mm
(Aluminum, Brass, Copper, precious metal)
Stainless steel
Metal, painted
Product Advantage

1.The Advertising nidustry:
CNC router can engrave all kinds of signage, trademark, nameplates, badge, decorative gift, embossed medal, certificate, souvenir, photo frame, furniture decoration.

2.Small-scale woodworking industry:
CNC router can be used for solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, MDF paint door, solid wood door, composite door, cupboard door and window, bedside cabinet, folding screen etc.

3.Artwork industry:
CNC router can process wooden carft, mural art of wood, artwood, embossed, jeweery, cometics package, musical instrument.

4.Soft metal processing:
CNC router can engrave electronic component, integrated circuit, electronic plastic case, electronic pproduct model, circuit board, electronic Light bix, computer and mobile phone keyboard, engraving a variety of electronic products.

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Serrate working platform table

Laser head with untouch auto following system

cnc router,cnc machine,spindle system
cnc router,cnc machine,safety protection system

GERMAN IPG 2000w laser generator

Industry 2.5P Water chiller
The constant temperature of water can keep the laser power stable, work more steady and fast

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