BCMS1325-5 axis

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Product Details

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We offer this machine in various bed sizes starting

X - Axis : maximum 650mm
Y- Axis : maximum 765mm
Z - Axis : Maximum 520mm
A- Axis : from 120 degrees to +30 degrees (swivel type)
C- Axis : full 360 degrees
Distance from spindle nozzle to table top : 210 - 730mm

Distance from spindle center to column guideway : up to 220mm

Rapid transverse rate : (x/y/z) : up to 40/40/36 m/min
Rapid Traverse Rate (A/C) : up to 20/30 r/min
Cutting Feedrate ( X/Y/Z) : up to 18000mm/min
Cutting Feedrate (A/C) : up to 7200 deg/min

Table Size : minimum 630mm dia
Table Loading Capacity :  minimum 500kg
Max Workpiece sewing diameter x height : minimum 730mm diameter x 500mm
Minimum Table Indexing Angle : minimum 0.001

Machine size and weight:3.2m*2.6m*2.3m/4000kg

Maximum Spindle Speed : up to 12000 r/min
spindle Taper : ISO#40 7/24 Taper
Max spindle Torque : : -N-m (ft-lb) up to 204 (150.6 (25%ED)

Type of Tool Shank : MAS403 BT40
Tool Storage Capacity : minimum 40 tools
Maximum Tool Diameter : up to 125mm diameter
Maximum Tool Length : up to 300mm
Maximum Tool Weight : up to 8 kgs
Maximum Tool Moment : - N-m (ft-lb) up to 5.88 (4.3)
Method of Tool Selection : Fixed address
Tool Change Time : minimum 1 sec ( tool to tool )

Tool Change Time : maximum 8.5 seconds ( chip to chip)

Electric Power Supply : maximum 53.3 KVA/220V/3 phase/60Hz

Compressed Air Supply : minimum 0.54 Mpa

Coolant tank capacity : minimum 360 liters
Lubrication Tank Capacity : minimum 1.32 liters

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With nearly 6,000 machines in active service daily, the BCAM Series is established as a proven and trusted CNC Router solution across numerous industries. Popular applications include:
Signmaking - All types of 2D and 3D signs in woods, metals and plastics

Metal Fabrication - Non-ferrous part manufacturing

Plastic Fabrication - Engineering plastics, retail and point of sale

Solid Surface - Process modern and traditional materials

General Woodworking - Furniture, shopfitting, scenery production and more

Graphics and Print Finishing - Cut-to-print using multiple tools for all materials

Exhibition Stands - Large format routing for all requirements

Scenery and Sets - Fast turnaround and high quality processing

Foam Packaging - 2D and 3D processing with router and knife tools

Interiors - Multi-purpose routing and engraving in all materials

Point of Purchase - Display stands, fixtures and fittings

Product Advantage

1.The Advertising nidustry:
CNC router can engrave all kinds of signage, trademark, nameplates, badge, decorative gift, embossed medal, certificate, souvenir, photo frame, furniture decoration.

2.Small-scale woodworking industry:
CNC router can be used for solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, MDF paint door, solid wood door, composite door, cupboard door and window, bedside cabinet, folding screen etc.

3.Artwork industry:
CNC router can process wooden carft, mural art of wood, artwood, embossed, jeweery, cometics package, musical instrument.

4.Soft metal processing:
CNC router can engrave electronic component, integrated circuit, electronic plastic case, electronic pproduct model, circuit board, electronic Light bix, computer and mobile phone keyboard, engraving a variety of electronic products.

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Italy HSD 5-axis spindle15kw

Siemens Control System

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Taiwan Delta 15kw inverter

Taiwan APEX reducer

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