1. Could I working on this machine for round material or rotary ? Yes, rotary device can be choose according to your working.
2. Is there some parts to protect eyes ? Yes, we have laser goggles for optional .Laser goggles can filter the laser, protect the glasses from harm
3. Does this laser marking machine can absorb heavy fumes, large dust ? Yes. Smoke purify system can be instant purifying treatment the serious pollutant, the purified clean air can be discharged directly.
4. Could I get some parts when buy this laser marking ? Yes, if some spare parts can be sent together with this machine .


It features equal load ratings in the radial, reverse radial, lateral directions, and self-aligning to absorb installation-error. Thus, the HG series linear guideline is characterized with long service life with high speed, high accuracy and smooth linear motion.

Laser tube

  • When the working current is 4mA and the tube is in the state of pre-ionization, the laser can be used for high-frequency impulse engraving.
  • The product is featured for working under large power rate and long service time, which is suitable for the cutting of knife mold machine and thick acrylic sheet.
  • Life expectancy is up to 10,000 hours, global warranty


Machine tool

The thickness of the bed is 2.7mm, and the work is stable. After finishing milling, the work precision is high.

Technical Parameters

Model BCJ2513
Workingarea 1300*2500mm
Laserpower 60/80/100/130/150w
Engravingspeed 0-60000mm/min
Resolutionratio 4000dpi
Cuttingspeed 0-40000mm/min
Coolingtype Waterpump/Waterchiller
Powersupply 220V/10A
Motoranddriver Steppermotoranddriver
Operatingsystem RDcontrolsystem
Operatingtemperature 0-45°C
Graphicformatsupported DSP,PLT,BMP,DXF,AL
Operating humidity 5-95%

Industry Applications

With nearly 6,000 machines in active service daily, the BCAM Series is established as a proven and trusted CNC Router solution across numerous industries. Popular applications include:
1.The Advertising nidustry: CNC router can engrave all kinds of signage, trademark, nameplates, badge, decorative gift, embossed medal, certificate, souvenir, photo frame, furniture decoration.
2.Small-scale woodworking industry: CNC router can be used for solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, MDF paint door, solid wood door, composite door, cupboard door and window, bedside cabinet, folding screen etc.
3.Artwork industry: CNC router can process wooden carft, mural art of wood, artwood, embossed, jeweery, cometics package, musical instrument.
4.Soft metal processing: CNC router can engrave electronic component, integrated circuit, electronic plastic case, electronic pproduct model, circuit board, electronic Light bix, computer and mobile phone keyboard, engraving a variety of electronic products.



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